Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I believe that everyone should write his/her biography. It helps to reflect on ones achievements and failures, it helps to see where one has been and to look ahead (if you have the time) to where one wants to be. No regrets but just nostalgic.

I have always wondered what my parents were like, what life they have had/led, and what were in their minds, what they thought about. Unfortunately my parents were illiterate, thus no record is left behind of their lives. What I have are just memories of them, sweet memories and bitter memories.

I have written my life story, which I started about 20 years ago, which I have kept and keep on editing for about 10 to 15 years, and I have published it. Though its only for my own use, and/or maybe my generations of the future may want to know about me then I have the record. Or just that they may not want to know at all, well its really up to them. But I have my biography written,. I have not published many copies, and I have published that outside Malaysia because in Malaysia publishers will want a minimum number of copies published.

I believe that blog like this is also part of one’s biography.

And in 2004 I had a heart attack and had to be hospitalised. I have written a small book on that, and I wish to share my experience with others and with my future generations.


In Malaysia, looking at the picture/photo outside a box of cigarette would already put you off from smoking cigarettes forever. But the no. of smokers (seems to be in Malaysia) do not seems to have been reduced. Why is this?

Don’t smokers know that they create problems to their own health? Don’t they realise that they are anti-social? Don’t they realise that other people are trying to be healthy, unlike them?

I have a few friends who have died of lung cancer, maybe it might have been caused by some other factors, but smoking may be one of the causes, if not the main cause. I am not an expert in this area, but I have certain articles which say so. Even then why is it that many Governments are not in favour of smoking if they are not a danger to public health? Why is it that in restaurants they have special rooms for smokers and non-smokers are put in other areas? Why is it that in certain factories (in the tropic) they even ask those to smoke to do so outside the building? And yet people smoke.