Wednesday, October 29, 2008


In ones life one may meet a lot faces, some time one likes the face, sometime no, sometime one is fascinated, other time just could not careless, but faces one meets, one remembers some and one forgets most ...... even if one meets again. Some time ones dreams of a face, sometimes just at a glance, probably hundreds of thousands faces one sees eye to eye, other in photographs, and others probabaly when surfing the internet. Others one might tells oneself "I wish I can meet that face again", but most not to be.

The photoes were taken at a party yesterday. Like them?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Just doing a job

Its a part of my job to travel to Taiping (Malaysia) every so often. In the early days I used to stay the night in Ipoh (Malaysia) but soon I was a bit bored of Ipoh. Not that Ipoh is not an interesting place but I soon got bored with the hotels I stayed in. Don't ask me why.

And so I decided to travel up to Taiping to spend the night after I have finished my jobs south of Ipoh and in Ipoh. I have a few other jobs to do in Taiping, and in those days when I used to spent the night in Ipoh, I drove up the next morning to Taiping.

In Taiping I used to spend the night at Sri Malaysia Hotel Taiping . Its a big chain of budget hotels. Its at a good location, but I wanted a hotel right in Town. So I ended up at this hotel. Its a pleasant little hotel.

It close to the Taiping Main Masjid.

And one of my favourite view of Taiping its the range of hills (more like a range of mountain) behind the Town. Been up there when I was a school boy, and I intend to go up the hill again (perhaps someday). And from the Hotel I could see the hill very clearly.

And I am fascinated with some old buildings in Taiping.
The Perak Museum, which is under renovation is beautiful.

An old high official (British) residence probably (now used as a Malaysian Army Club).

An an old colonial wooden house, which seemed to have been neglected but looked like its under repair now.