Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Those were the days.

My friends, as if the world would never end.

I had my first Lambretta as a student in the UK. Similar to the above. And I shall never forget the accident I had on it (a total wreck but it was repaired by the Insurance and like new it was), the other unmentionable pleasures on it and the trip to Northern Europe (with a friend) with it. And the cash I got when I sold it, enough for me to for a holiday in Spain.

The accident? I had just newly bought the scooter, and I was driving to the Devils Dyke from Brighton, when at a T-junction I could not stop to let through the heavy traffic, so to play safe I hit the road "Give Way' sign post. It was in England then, a kind passersby took me to the Hove Hospital where they cleaned and stitched up my head wounds (then crash helmet was not mandatory, and my thick rimmed glasses saved my face from further damage), washed up my blood splattered clothings. They being honest people then, I did not loose a single 'penny' from my pockets in my clothings. They even sent me back to my dig and I looked like a proper stitched up Frankestine. And my friends took care of my wrecked scooter by sending it to a workshop.

But I could not really compete with the Mods of London who really decorated their more powerful Lambretta.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Home made.

Home made firework, in a thick bamboo container.

And home made sedan chair, of bamboo frame, in a shape of a boat.

All for a couple, in a wedding ceremony in Malaysia.

And then the night after the official marriage ceremony, they are made to ride on the sedan chair, carried on the shoulders of the village youths, and greeted with the fireworks.

This is not just another noise!

This may sound like a noise but its not. It has a recognised beat to it. Its a kompang, (similar beat but with a drum added), a bit noisy but the people there liked it.

It was at a Malay wedding.

And the night before they have this saucer dance (Malay = tari piring) in honour of the bride and the groom.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Medicine man of Temerloh (Malaysia).

He is only available on Sundays at the location..

His pantun, and sinsong ways of selling his medicines attract the crowd.