Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A Treatment System.

These 2 pretty ladies,

were at an exhibition, which I happened to walk into yesterday, they exhibiting a traditional treatment system. Maybe that is not the correct name, but for the purpose of this blog is good enough. But if anyone is interested then the interested party can always e-mail: Aniza

What caught my eyes were these two products, namely virgin coconut oil,

and honey, from wild tropical jungle tree top bees.

I thought they were special, and reasonably priced. And now I know where to get them when I or anyone else want them.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Thai but outside Thailand.

I have been told that it was there, but I have very little idea on how to find it. They say that the place serves very good Thai dishes, its outside Kuala Lumpur, in a village somewhere, Sungei Buluh the name is. They say that the place is called De’ Chiang Mai. Sounds exotic. They tried to give directions but I have by then found it difficult even to understand the direction they gave.

And today, I was quite near the place they mentioned and I asked somebody I know nearby to give me a more specific direction. It was still sketchy but as it was only late morning, so I drove around to find it. The challenge being that to get to the place there are crossings of highways nearby and if I miss one turn I might hit one of the highways and may end up at a far distant place. I was lucky, and I found it in a little village full of other ‘copied’ Thai food restaurants, nurseries and cheap cement tiles workshops worked by probably Indonesian immigrants.

A very impressive, place,

Impressive internal decorations,

Impressive dining tables,

Impressive food,

And impressive owner.

Nearby within the same facilities they have their own vegetable plots where they plant ’pandan’ and all other plant ingredients for good Thai tasting food.

The price is quite reasonable for the facilities that one gets, but the distance from town is not conducive for quick lunch. And they open from 12 noon to 10.30 at night only. And no hard liquor is served, the owner being a Muslim.

They prayed.

They prayed last night.

Some Chinese do that. Its the part of the year and part of the month in the Chinese Calendar when they pray for (or is it to) their ancestors.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Can we trust them?

We live in housing estates, alarms (some), gated (all) and with security (few). We have all sorts of people, unknown to us, visiting our estates. Salesman, beggars, cleaners, grass cutter, charity organisation people, rubbish collectors people, neighbours visitors etc etc. In addition we have (some of us) servants/helpers (Indonesians or Phillipinos). Can we really trust these people? Are we very sure that any one of them not trying to break in into your house? Or they have friends who are burglars waiting for information from them to asses the situation on how to break into your house? And the house helpers, don’t they have people who are staying outside who are ever so willing to befriend them to gain information on how to gain access into your house. Or for that matter the grass cutter who always seemed to wear ski mask when they cut grass in the vicinity of your house. And the rubbish collectors who are always seemed to be a foreigner. And what about the odd job man doing jobs in your neighbour’s house, or those workers re-building/renovating some houses in your estates? All are possible. And can any one of them be a Government Agent looking for anti-Government behaviour in you?
Or am I being paranoid?

Internet Business.

In this blog I have a long list of possible internet business, in the right hand column. I have subscribed to some of them, one or two with payments though all others for free. When thinking it over, when I pay, then others pay, and others again pay and so on, there will be a big collection and the originator can make a lot of money. Not that I envy them, they must have brains to start the business, and they must know all the loop holes in the Laws.

However I have certain reservations for those ‘free’ from subscription. The bottom line, when you scroll to the bottom of the page you will find that you will still have to pay. In the end you pay if you want to get involved in the business. Just like the small prints in an Insurance Policy, you hardly read them but these are the important clauses which may make or invalidate the Insurance. And you are not really sure of the return though, bearing in mind that the originator has already made his/her return.

My thinking aloud really, but I am just wondering whether my thinking has any logic in them.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

take a break

Remembering of 30 years (from 60 years) ago.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Holy Cock!

Looking at the photoes of these two owners of cocks for cock fighting, one can see that its the pride of their cocks in the owners eyes that is important. The cock fighting is only a by product of that pride.

I do not understanding about cock fighting but to those involved it must be very exciting and interesting, a hobby perhaps with the cocks as the sacrifice.

Monday, August 20, 2007


Our history, pimples and all.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


When I looked at the newspapers this morning, I was in a state of horror. This was the mother of horror. I was speechless. How could this had happened, 20 people killed (out 0f 29) when a bus plunged into a ravine early in the morning............ how could it had happened? many questions came into my mind.......... How? How? How? and many of them are our youths. I have no answer .......... and I think many who read the news also have no answer. And looking at the story further, I felt pity ........... now not at those who died but at our Malaysian society in general. We talk about 50th Years of Merdeka (Independence) and yet this has to happen ......... bus drivers not suspended with so many traffic offences, unsure of the status of the condition (of maintenance) of the coach (bus).............. careless! unsure! .......... what else? And now they will start talking about going into the bus Company finding out what was wrong .......... talk talk talk ..... just plain talk ............ and soon everything will be forgotten and those with such 'criminal' record will still move around in our society untill another accident happens .......... then another uproar. When will we ever learn?

Many such coach accidents had happened before, and these have all been erased from our memory .................. forgotten ............. maybe such incidents are still fresh in the mind of those who lost their loved one. To others those were just statistics .............. "It will not happen to me".

Sunday, August 12, 2007

oh my!

I have been watching this, this morning. Interesting I thought then, but on thinking about it now .......... oh my ......... dangerous!. I am sure they knew what they were doing.

Actually these people were medicine peddlers, but this was just a side show to get the audience .............. and some to buy whatever medicines they were selling.

It happened in my town. And I stayed there over an hour watching them doing tricks with other snakes and listening to them peddling their medicines.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

too far, too high

Had a chance to visit a beach hotel in Trengganu, an East Coast State of West Malaysia. I was not in my own backyard, I was in a foreign land, at least the hotel guests were foreign but the hotel staff were my own people (did I say my own people?). No, not really all my own people, I saw a Japanese at the front desk and a white on a bicycle. Well at least I know that the hotel is of a high standard and of international class.

The location is beyond description, the sandy beach is beyond poetry and the ambient ........ yes ambient ........... quiet. And the price ........ well too far too high.

Sunday, August 5, 2007


Funniest Joke


Footballers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Better still, those interested in football also come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. But when people trying their luck in football also come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. This definitely shows that the country must is really scraping the bottom of the barrel in search for football talents. But why not, if the country now never wins in any tournament, (even in their own backyard), desperate measures must be taken.

Good for a laugh. See videos below:

Thursday, August 2, 2007

It was a hassle.

The other day, on the way to the East Coast, I stopped over at a big petrol station which has a small convenience shop, a so called restaurant at the back and a small coffee corner by the convenience shop. It was a convenient place to stop for lunch I thought. The petrol station is almost in the middle of nowhere, by the side of the highway, and dozens of cars stop there. A place for a small leg stretch I would say.

It was already lunch time but I was in no mood for curried food, which were served in the restaurant at the back, a variety of such food, say about 2 dozen dishes of them. Instead I went over to the soup corner where they serve hot souped food like concoctions of noodles and also hot and cold drinks. Looking at a picture,

I was attracted by the picture of a souped dish with a couple of pieces of cut up chicken pieces on top. I thought I would enjoy that.

But when I got what I ordered, I was most disappointed. The chicken pieces were not there. I complaint to the cashier (who looked and spoke like an Indonesian, in fact the whole restaurant seemed to be minded by Indonesians, and even some of the customers looked like Indonesian workers) but she sort of shrugged it off. She tried meekly to comfort me by asking the person who made the souped food why there was no cut up chicken as shown in the photo. And the response was very negative. I felt that I was short changed. I tried to eat what I bought but the taste was not to my expectations so I left it unfinished.

I knew that at the front, near the convenience shop, there was a coffee corner where they serve good sandwiches. So I went over to the front into the coffee corner. I was served by a very pleasant young lady, and I asked for tea and a pre-packed cooked food which looked good.

The trouble started when I tried to take a photograph of the coffee corner.

I was told that I should not take a photograph, a private area of some sort I was told. I could not understand such rules so I asked to see the Manager. The Manager was away but a Supervisor came. 2 in fact. I asked them why I was not allowed to take photograph, and I asked them to show me a document stating such rules. They could not produce that document I asked for. So I sat for my meal and took a photo.

I was awaiting for someone to arrest me but no body did.

It was really a hassle. First I was short changed on the food I ordered. And then I was not allowed to take a photo of a public place like the coffee corner. I think someone should have their brain examined for making such ridiculous regulations. And I felt that I have not committed any crime, even a light crime.