Monday, August 27, 2007

Thai but outside Thailand.

I have been told that it was there, but I have very little idea on how to find it. They say that the place serves very good Thai dishes, its outside Kuala Lumpur, in a village somewhere, Sungei Buluh the name is. They say that the place is called De’ Chiang Mai. Sounds exotic. They tried to give directions but I have by then found it difficult even to understand the direction they gave.

And today, I was quite near the place they mentioned and I asked somebody I know nearby to give me a more specific direction. It was still sketchy but as it was only late morning, so I drove around to find it. The challenge being that to get to the place there are crossings of highways nearby and if I miss one turn I might hit one of the highways and may end up at a far distant place. I was lucky, and I found it in a little village full of other ‘copied’ Thai food restaurants, nurseries and cheap cement tiles workshops worked by probably Indonesian immigrants.

A very impressive, place,

Impressive internal decorations,

Impressive dining tables,

Impressive food,

And impressive owner.

Nearby within the same facilities they have their own vegetable plots where they plant ’pandan’ and all other plant ingredients for good Thai tasting food.

The price is quite reasonable for the facilities that one gets, but the distance from town is not conducive for quick lunch. And they open from 12 noon to 10.30 at night only. And no hard liquor is served, the owner being a Muslim.

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