Thursday, August 23, 2007

Internet Business.

In this blog I have a long list of possible internet business, in the right hand column. I have subscribed to some of them, one or two with payments though all others for free. When thinking it over, when I pay, then others pay, and others again pay and so on, there will be a big collection and the originator can make a lot of money. Not that I envy them, they must have brains to start the business, and they must know all the loop holes in the Laws.

However I have certain reservations for those ‘free’ from subscription. The bottom line, when you scroll to the bottom of the page you will find that you will still have to pay. In the end you pay if you want to get involved in the business. Just like the small prints in an Insurance Policy, you hardly read them but these are the important clauses which may make or invalidate the Insurance. And you are not really sure of the return though, bearing in mind that the originator has already made his/her return.

My thinking aloud really, but I am just wondering whether my thinking has any logic in them.

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