Thursday, August 23, 2007

Can we trust them?

We live in housing estates, alarms (some), gated (all) and with security (few). We have all sorts of people, unknown to us, visiting our estates. Salesman, beggars, cleaners, grass cutter, charity organisation people, rubbish collectors people, neighbours visitors etc etc. In addition we have (some of us) servants/helpers (Indonesians or Phillipinos). Can we really trust these people? Are we very sure that any one of them not trying to break in into your house? Or they have friends who are burglars waiting for information from them to asses the situation on how to break into your house? And the house helpers, don’t they have people who are staying outside who are ever so willing to befriend them to gain information on how to gain access into your house. Or for that matter the grass cutter who always seemed to wear ski mask when they cut grass in the vicinity of your house. And the rubbish collectors who are always seemed to be a foreigner. And what about the odd job man doing jobs in your neighbour’s house, or those workers re-building/renovating some houses in your estates? All are possible. And can any one of them be a Government Agent looking for anti-Government behaviour in you?
Or am I being paranoid?

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