Thursday, June 19, 2008


Kompang is actually small rebana used commonly in Malaysia in Malay weddings. What is the significant? I have no idea really, but I suppose to create that happy atmosphere. Sometime they accompany the ‘drum beat’ with words, to make it more complete. Personally I don’t like it that way, I prefer just to listen to the ‘drum beat’.

The above site page describes what a ‘kompang’ is. It’s a sort of drum, a sort of musical instrument. You may need to click on An example of how the kompang sounds to listen to the sample sound. But that sample sound is too short for anyone to appreciate how they really sound.

And that site page it gives you the kompang rhythm.

The page tells you where kompang are performed.

I have included here a very normal Malay wedding video, showing how the kompang is used in the ceremony. Just listen to the ‘drum beat’ in the background of this video.

(To enjoy the full sound, play the video once, when it gets cut ‘off’ and ‘on’. Then click on the Replay button once the first session is done).

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