Thursday, June 12, 2008

In good faith.

It is in good faith that anyone being a Muslim (or claiming to be a Muslim) has to say and believe strongly in the shuhadah (there is only one Allah to pray to and Muhammad is His Prophet), pray (the Muslim ways) 5 times a day at specified times, fast for 30 days (the Muslim ways) during the month of Ramadan (a Muslim lunar month), pay tithes when due, and go for pilgrimage to Mekah when one can afford it.

In addition a Muslim has to have a strong faith (aqidah) (belief) in Allah SWT, all of Allah Angels, all of Allah Prophets, at least in 4 of Allah’s Good Books, the Days of Reckoning (the end of the world as we know it), and Qadak & Qadar (all happenings are thro’ Allah SWT’s will).

My above understanding of Islam in brief.

One very useful activity in Islam is to remind all Muslims about the religion, and its obligations and this is often done through ‘tazkirah’ ( a reminding session) between the prayers of Maghrib (early evening prayer) and Isha (Isya) (the late night prayer), which is about a period of 1 hour. In Malaysia this is usually done in the mosque (big or small house of prayers) where Muslims have already done their Maghrib prayers together (jemaah) properly. And those giving these ‘reminders’ are usually learned and schooled Muslims or those with very wide knowledge of Islam, and who may speak the language of the congregation. And the person must be acceptable to the congregation. If a person does not speak the language, there will be no communication and no ‘reminder’. And probably the congregation may not even be interested to listen.

Here are some scenes as how these ‘reminders’ are conveyed.

Here a person giving the ‘reminder’ speaking in front of the crowd (congregation), all ears and waiting for the Isha prayers.

But in more up to date mosques they even use DVD, like as shown.

Whatever method is used, how attentive the congregations are (like in the photoes below, of the congregation sitting on the back rows listening attentively to the 'reminder'), its the end results that count.

Need the Muslim congregation be reminded time and again over their obligations and responsibilities to the religion of Islam and to Allah?

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