Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I have always wondered how they make such beautiful, right sized, all look alike doughnuts. I have often visited the local branch of Dunkin' Donut shops, and have tasted some of their doughnuts. Pretty tasty they are too. But they are too sugary or their toppings are too sweet, and I do not take sweet stuff.

Today I happened to be at a new shopping complex in town where in one of the shops they sell doughnuts.

And those making them are placed in a transparent glass compartment, and one can see all the process of making doughnuts of all sorts, just the basic because they put the toppings after the basic doughnuts have been shaped, made and cooked in an oven.

Now I know how they make them always of the right and similar sizes. They use flattened dough (I do not know the composition of the dough, neither the temperature of the oven nor the actual process of how the toppings are put), cutting them to the right size by a rounded face hand held cutter.

Then the rest of the process follows, until you have these beautiful tasty fluffy doughnuts.

A pity though, I did not buy any doughnut today.

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