Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I have some free time today, so I just keep on writing on this blog.

Snails, yes those hard shell slimy creatures. Are these the snails for the famous escargot? I have tasted escargot before but they do not look like these snails. Probably they have already been cooked, added butter (and mint and stuff like that) to the cooked stuff and then installed in porcelain shells before they serve them to you. I do not know really.... to us in Malaysia we do not eat snails, escargot or not. Many have not even seen snails, they hide in tall grass, and when they come out, people tend to step on them and break the shells and in doing so killing them. And when you plant vegetables in the garde3n, they become pests. They tend to eat the outerskin (bark) of the young plant, thus killing the plant. So the farmers (or even gardeners) spread pellet poisons on the ground to kill these snails. But looking at them now, they are just harmless creatures.

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