Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Just an artist.

The other day while roaming about the Kuantan Town (Malaysia) I happened to come across this retiree artist in the compound of the Shell (not the oil company) Fountain, in the middle of the Town.

A lonely figure he was, and it was past the peak hours of people doing business in that area, the time was about 2.00 in the hot and humid tropical afternoon. He had a grandchild with him, I assumed that it was his grandchild as the boy child was very young.

Was the artist name Mohd Nor? I cannot really recollect.

His work looked very plain, mostly water colour and mostly of local scenes. What attracted me was the variety, the number of paintings and how cheap they were. He sold an A4 size water color painting at an average price of RM10 (USD1=RM3.30) and that is cheap.

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