Saturday, October 27, 2007

a bad experience

A letter I e-mailed to a hotel in Ipoh (Malaysia).

I want to share some bad experience I had with Syuen Hotel Ipoh.
My wife and I were guest at the Hotel in Room 641 on Monday 22/10/2007. The problem may seem small, but it just shows how inefficient the Hotel is.
When I checked in into the room late that afternoon, all seems well. But a few hours later when my wife tried the room phone, it was not working. I contacted the Hotel by my handphone reporting the problem. A Technician came but he could not resolve the problem (I presume that he could not resolve the problem as he never came back and never gave us the feedback, neither did the Hotel management gave us the feedback ). And the room phone never got repaired even untill we checked out the next morning.
When it was getting dark, my wife wanted to order Nasi Goreng for dinner, ordering for delivery to the room. Again I had to use my handphone to contact the Hotel (as the room phone was never repaired). Who I told the person (a Hotel staff) at the other end that I wanted to order Nasi Goreng (delivered to the room) he straight away connected me to the Restaurant (I presume). I spoke to a lady and told her what I wanted and I also told her my room number. After about 1 hour, the Nasi Goreng did not come, we went down to the restaurant downstairs to have our meal,. (By that time we were no longer hungry, the thought of the inefficient hotel service was too much for us).
I related this experience that my wife and I went through to your Duty Manager that evening.
This was a bad experience, and I am writing this so that the same situation will not happen to other future Syuen Hotel guest.

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