Monday, July 23, 2007

Visit to Petrosains, PETRONAS, Kuala Lumpur

I visited the PETRONAS Petrosains exhibition on Sunday. In KLCC Kuala Lumpur. I was impressed. Never have been there before. I thought I was just showing my nephew, but in the end I got the better of things.

People queuing, waiting to get in, via the railed bubble car.

On the way out, also whilst inside the railed bubble car, they show you these.

I would rate the visit as good. It was an experience for me.

The downside was that there were too many uncontrolled children from families who just come to the exhibition out of curiosity. Most of these children are below 10 years old, and they keep running about from one exhibit to another without real objective of knowing what exhibits were all about. They were not really learning anything objectively, but I suppose subjectively they have a very superficial views of what to expect in a petroleum industries. I would say that if the tour of the exhibits were planned properly, by a group of children lead by a Teacher, the visit would be very beneficial to those children. But I must commend the staff in the exhibition hall; they were knowledgeable and were very patients with those children who were running about in the exhibition halls from one exhibit to another, touching, trying their hands on and sometime even knocking some of the exhibits down.

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