Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hari Raya AidilFitri 2008 (Eid el Fitr 1429)

Allah-u Akbar!, Allah-u Akbar!, Allah-u Akbar!. Selamat Hari Raya every one (Eid Mubarak)
The Hari Raya fell on 1st Oct. 2008 (in Malaysia that is), a Wednesday. And fasting month for another year is gone. How many of us will be here in the next fasting month, next Ramadan?
Every Muslim should always look forward toa fasting month and is sad when the fasting month (Ramadan) is gone. Fasting month is a month of many blessings. A hungry day and one always look foreward to ‘iftar’, the breaking of the fast at sunset. And a Muslim feels sad when the fasting month is gone, sad that a month of blessing is gone.
At home, we always seems to be blessed. Our table is full when the family gets together fot ‘iftar’.

And when the family is away, we still have enough.

For me this year Hari Raya is very special. I was given a very expensive present Hari Raya gift by my daughter Souraya. I was given a laptop, an Acer Aspire One. I have in all my life (to the best of my rememberance) never received such an expensive gift before, such a valuable gift.

And for remembrance of this Hari Raya, I have included here a video of an azan, a Subuh prayer azan, by Ustaz Haji Indra Gunawan, an Idonesian Al-Hafiz ( person who can remember and recite the whole of the Koraan) at our local prayer house (surau), in Wangsa Maju Kuala Lumpur, on the morning of Sunday 28th September 2008, just 2 days before the Hari Raya.

We thank Allah for our good fortune and goood health this year.

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