Tuesday, July 8, 2008

wasps again

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The story of red wasp seems to present itself in real life. We discovered a red wasp nest right in front of our windows, of our apartment in Kuantan (Malaysia).

It was about the size of a soccer ball.

And it was active, and may grow bigger if allowed to remain there. However it was to be noted that the insects built the nest on a stalk of a palm leave, so it was not on a very strong support. The stalk of the palm leave may give away due to the weight of the wasp nest (the weight will increase as the size of the nest grows) or that the palm leaves may die when the stalk of those leaves at the bottom dies (one after the other, in a series normally) and falls off. If either event happens the nest falls off (together with the stalk and the leaves), then we the residents of the apartments will be in such a danger of being attacked and stung by these wasps. Actually in such a panic situation the wasp will attack anything that moves, and we human tend to move about out in our daily activities.

We informed the local Fire Brigade (in Malaysia its called The Fire and Rescue Department), whom we were told would be the right Department to report to, that morning when we discovered the wasps’ nest. They came when it was dark (normally wasps cannot see its target in the dark, we are told), unprepared as they were, they managed to get some rags and a pole, and they burned down the wasps nest.

The next morning I took these photographs.

The wasps casualty.

The next, in one of the nest's layers (looking like a bees nest), still having some of the live larva inside, and a wasp trying to salvage the nest.

A closer look at the dead larva on the ground next to the burnt nest.

And looking up I could still see a few of the live wasps trying to locate the nest at the palm stalk, they are dangerous now, they will seek revenge.

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