Saturday, July 5, 2008

After being ignored.

After seemingly ignored of maintenance for sometime (long time in fact), and the Kuantan (Malaysia) Town Council has left it seemingly to rot, the Medan Pelancong (Tourist Square) of Kuantan (Malaysia) has now resigned to its fate of going to be turned into a locality of a hotel (of international standard?)

Many of us who were in Kuantan (Malaysia) or have grown up in Kuantan (Malaysia) in the 70s would have remembered how popular Medan Pelancong (Tourist Square) Kuantan was. All the nice/and good Malay restaurants

and all the Malay souvenir shops were there.

What I remembered most were the big udang galah (river prawns) in those Malay restaurants, and they were cheap in those days. Nowadays udang galah (river prawns) are only eaten by the rich and the famous (and mostly only available in Japanese Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur).

Local (Malaysian) newspapers have mentioned that Medan Pelancong (Tourist Square) Kuantan will no longer be there by about the end of this year, most probably. It will be torn down to make ways for a hotel (of international standard?) to be built there, so the news say.

What will happen to the tenants there? According to the report they have already been asked to shift out or move (to a more expensive areas, for the rich and famous?).

I just do not know why the Kuantan (Malaysia) Town Council (MPK) does not make complexes like Pasar Payang in Trengganu (Malaysia) or Pasar Siti Khatijah in Kota Baharu (Kelantan, Malaysia) for the these Malays tenants who were in the Medan Pelanacong (Tourist Square) as an alternative site for them to do business. Or for tourists (in Malaysia today the State of Pahang always talk about being a destination for tourists) to Kuantan (Malaysia) to go to buy local products, just like what are available in Pasar Payang (Trengganu, Malaysia) or Pasar Siti Khatijah in Kota Baharu (Kelantan Malaysia) or even like Pekan Rabu in Alor Setar (a northern town in the State of Kedah, Malaysia). Kuantan is seen only to be built to cater for the rich and famous, so it seems.

These photos are what the deplorable state the Medan Pelancong (Tourist Square) Kuantan looks like today. Just for the scrap book. Maybe all these will be gone tomorrow......just a memory.

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