Friday, July 11, 2008

Another artist

This morning when passing the Shell Fountain at Kuantan Town (Malaysia) I happened to see some painting being displayed. I stopped to take a look and found them to be good (at least to me). One showing Munshi Abdullah, famous both in Malaysia and Singapore, arriving in Trengganu (Malaysia) in his book Kesah Pelayaran Abdullah (a must read book called 'The Voyage of Abdullah' translated by A.E. Coope, The Lotus Library, Oxford University Press 1967).

And another a Malay worrier named Abd Rahman Limbong showing he was about to fight the British soldiers in the early days of Trengganu (Malaysia). Those soldiers happened to be mostly Malays recruited by the British then.

And the artist was Osman bin Limat, a local artist.

He told me that he had been an artist for a long time, probably one of the first few who started the artist Association in Kuantan (Malaysia). I have no mean to confirm that. But his work was good.

Kuantan (Malaysia) seems to have quite a few artist, good ones they are. I am familiar with Ismail Hussein a book where I have included many of his art work, at Hyatt Regency Hotel by the Kuantan (Malaysia) beach. Earlier I wrote in my blog about him.

And recently about Mohd Noor a new comer in the local art world, I am told.

My earlier blog on an artist in Kuantan (Malaysia) was on Artist Mee .

I am sure this meeting with Osman, the artist will not be the last meeting with good artist of Kuantan Town (Malaysia).


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